What A Turnaround

I believe England now have a mammoth job on to retain the Ashes, don’t go to bed early on Christmas Day night, it’s going to be great viewing

Neil Fairbrother
What A Turnaround

What a turnaround we saw last week in the Perth Test, both physically and mentality the Australians have managed to drag themselves off the floor and may even now hold a slight edge over their English counterparts.  With England standing at 80 odd for 0 at the start of our first innings, I am sure we were all sat in our comfy chairs thinking there was another 450 coming up and a crushing win on the cards for us, but in an astonishing turnaround, Mitchell Johnson found form that no English supporter had seen before.  Suddenly with the help of the Freemantle doctor, Johnson found very late in swing at good pace on a rapid bouncy wicket, all of which proved too much for England’s top order and from a commanding position we were unbelievably skittled and suddenly had a deficit of 80 rather than a lead of 200. 

The Aussies had suddenly found their teeth again, their body language changed instantly and the aggressive sledging Aussie had reappeared in an instant.  On the plus side for England was the bowling of Chris Tremlett who bowled with fire, pace and control throughout the whole match.  We may well have found another bowler to push the main three seamers.

The conundrum we have now is can our three seamers last the pace for two more back-to-back Test matches?  Captain Strauss I thought showed little faith in Graeme Swann at Perth, which left our three main seamers over bowled and very tired.  Swann has been the backbone of the bowling and if we are to come out of this series keeping the Ashes, Strauss will have to show more faith in his number one bowler, who knowing Swanny as I do, will relish the challenge.

Some of the England players did a Sky TV advert before they left where they were depicted as gladiators going out into the arena.  On Boxing Day morning that is exactly how they will feel with a 98,000 crowd in the coliseum of the MCG.  The crowd will be baying for blood and the Aussie cricketers will be only too happy to oblige. 

I believe England now have a mammoth job on to retain the Ashes, don’t go to bed early on Christmas Day night, it’s going to be great viewing!!

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