Bring On The 25th

Good luck lads!!

Neil Fairbrother
Bring On The 25th

The 25th November is fast approaching and England’s preparation is looking liking it is going to plan as we speak.  What we need now is a big score from Alastair Cook overnight in Adelaide, he’s 30 odd not out as we speak and if he can post 100 tomorrow, it will leave all England’s batsman in a pretty good place, approaching the 1st Test Match in Brisbane.

The bowling also looks pretty solid with, as usual, Graeme Swann coming to the fore.  Swanny is undoubtedly England’s main bowling weapon and if we are to come back with the Ashes, he will have to be right on top of his game in all five Test Matches.

It is great to see a bit of disarray in the Australian preparation.  It is usually them with a settled team and us not knowing our best eleven, funny how things change.  One slight concern is the form of Ryan Harris, who has been taken wickets galore in the State games and looks like he could force his way into their First Eleven, if he does he could be a handful!  Mitchell Johnson is also unpredictable but as that uncanny act of taking wickets.  But were we no doubt have the edge is in the spin department.  Let’s hope, come days 4 and 5, we have enough runs on the board for Swanny to weave his magic. 

It has been another incredible week in the life of Pakistan cricket, with one of their players Zulqarnain Haider quitting their tour in Dubai after he actually won them a cricket match!  Haider asked the management could he borrow his passport and then fled the country amid fears for his life.  Times must be bad when a cricketer wins a game of cricket for his country and then gets death threats.  I fear our game cannot take much more of this match-fixing drama, surely the ICC now have enough ammunition to make a real dent in the livelihood of any of these match-fixing cheats. 

Switching back to England, let’s hope the remaining practice days of cricket before the 1st Test go well and I am sure, like the rest of the cricketing world, I can’t wait for the 25th.  Good luck lads!!

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