Fred’s retirement

The man has remained true to his friends and his family values are true to his northern upbringing

Neil Fairbrother

It’s been a very hard few days for not just Andrew and his family but for all those connected with him with the realisation that there will be no more cricket for him to play and for us to watch.All his supporters will I’m sure like to thank him and wish him and his family the same successes in his next career.

Most of the epitaphs that have been written by the cricketing scribes this week have reflected upon how much entertainment, joy and sportsmanship that Fred had brought to the game.  I personally first met Fred when he was a gangling 16year old who wondered into the Lancashire dressing room.  We became good friends straight away and I tried from the word ‘go’ to help him with his Cricketing career.  It has been a pleasure over the last 16 years to have been involved closely in the rollercoaster world of the Flintoff’s.

Obviously when you are involved with such a character the highs are great and very high and obviously every now and then the lows can be just as dramatic.  The man has remained true to his friends and his family values are true to his Northern upbringing.  To a Sportsman it is great to be remembered for your sporting feats but it is even more important to be remembered as a Top Man, Fred will clearly be remembered as both!

Over the last week of so the Cricket world has been turned upside down and various accusations of Match fixings and alike.  The game finds itself in a very bad situation, I only hope the ICC will be strong enough to act upon the evidence it has and come down hard on those bringing the game to disrepute.  Good luck to England in today’s deciding one day international, I think Andrew Strauss and his teammates have acted with very good grace over the last few days  and I feel justice will be done if they come out on top today.

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